How you can help

Animal Welfare League QLD has been able to care for homeless animals for over 55 years thanks to the support of our dedicated community. If you have ever thought about doing some good for your community or wanted to help animals in need then AWLQ is the place to do it.
Here are some great ways to get involved

Adopt a pet from one of our five rehoming centres

Or if you want to help a shelter animal but can’t have a pet full time, then think about fostering a pet

If you can’t adopt or foster an animal, then why not donate? All donations go towards funding the care and rehoming of animals and our education and foster programs. Shopping at our AWLQ op shops is another great way to support AWLQ. Donate a few dollars from your pay check each week through our regular giving program. You could also hold an event or fundraiser and donate all the proceeds to AWLQ.

Volunteer to walk a dog or cuddle a cat or help out around the shelter. If you’re thinking about changing career paths, would like a highly rewarding job or if you have experience working with animals, then why not see what employment opportunities AWLQ might have for you.

If you own a business or are a business manager, support one of our donation boxes or sponsor a kennel. You also have the option of getting involved with our workplace giving and corporate volunteering.

If you are on social media follow our pages and share our animal photos with your friends FACEBOOK + INSTAGRAM