Mr Clooney

Mr Clooney is a nine month old Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.

He arrived at the Animal Welfare League Qld Gold Coast rehoming centre as a stray.

He was given the name George Clooney because of his black & white peppered coat and his ability to charm pretty much anyone he meets – much like the real George Clooney.

Being a working breed puppy, he is incredibly smart and very cheeky. He pushes the boundaries and gets into lots of mischief.

He plays beautifully with other dogs and knows lots of tricks including sit, stay, shake and is learning how to ride a skateboard!

He is rambunctious and even a little naughty at times but is always very very affectionate.

He likes to be included in the family and actively seeks affection from those around him. His favourite place to lay & sleep is draped across your feet. He has the softest coat & feels just like a teddy bear.

He loves to come to his name & barrels at you ‘ninety miles to the hour’. When working around the yard, he likes to help by always carrying things in his mouth, from rake handles to every stick or twig that he comes across. He has also, unfortunately, decided that he loves to dig! He spends ages creating the craters & then tears around like a lunatic only to flop down in his newly created hole – very pleased with himself.

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