Hi, my name is Steven!
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20 DAYS for a home

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Indian Ringneck lovers, we have a real treat for you! Steven is looking for an experienced home to flourish in. Steven requires a large cage with plenty of room to move about or even better, an aviary! Indian Ringneck's are playful, inquisitive birds that should always have access to several toys that allow them to play, forage and problem solve! Steven requires a varied diet of high-quality seed, grains and nuts and always be sure to incorporate daily vegetables and fruits such as carrots, squash, celery, apples, pears, figs and bananas. Steven may come out of their shell with regular handling and daily interaction but Indian Ringnecks are known for being a wee bit stubborn - although they might not be down for a cuddle, they will definitely enjoy some conversation! Both males and females can talk and likely will begin mimicking your words and voice. Along with other types of socialization, talking Steven will encourage his talking ability while building a bond between the two of you! Indian Ringnecks can make great pets and Steven will appreciate your love and understanding while they settle into your home!


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