Hi, my name is Betty White!
I have been waiting
65 DAYS for a home

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Betty White is a pretty pigeon looking for a home who understands the needs of these magnificent birds! Betty White has come from a home with multiple other pigeons so it's important to know that solitary birds and need an appropriate, compatible BFF, whether avian or human. A single bird should never be kept outside (too lonesome and stressful) and should always live indoors so as not to be completely isolate but if you do have other pigeons for Betty White to hang out with, that would be best! Birds housed outside MUST be protected in predator and rodent-proof aviaries. Another important part of providing adequate care for pigeons is ensuring that the aviary is not overcrowded and appropriately sized. A healthy diet needs to be provided each and every day, along with refreshing water and poop duty. Given that Pigeons are widely bred for their homing abilities, it's important to understand that Betty White is most likely not going to be able to 'free flight' or have uncaged outside time - some pigeons can 're-imprint' but this does take research, time and there are varying levels of success. So if you've been looking to add a feathery companion to your family, why not come and meet Betty White today?


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Gold Coast Rehoming Centre

Shelter Road Coombabah QLD 4216


07 5509 9000


Tues to Sat 12pm-5pm

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