Hi, my name is Frankie!
I have been waiting
56 DAYS for a home

Learn more about Frankie

Say hello to Frankie. She's a sweet but timid little girl looking for a place to call her own. Although meeting strangers may frighten her some, once you have gained her trust, you'll have a friend for life in this gorgeous kitty. Her time on the streets has left her a tad nervous, particular when it comes to head pats, but she really enjoys body strokes and hand-fed treats. Patience, some TLC and a gentle touch is all that's needed to win the heart of this lovely cat. Your efforts will be rewarded with a purr and plenty of soft blinks (cat kisses). She's seeking a forever home that will be safe, quiet and calm. She needs a child-free environment where she can continue to come out of her shell at her own pace. While being picked up is something she's still getting used to, she'll be delighted to share the couch with you once she's fully settled into her new home. Are you the one who can give Frankie the life and love she deserves? Give her a chance and you'll find out just how sweet this little girl really is.


Adoption Fee

My Fast Facts

Animal ID:



Domestic Short Hair


7 Months 1 Week






2 kg




AWLQ Ipswich Rehoming Centre

6 Hooper Street West Ipswich QLD 4305


07 3059 7131


My Health Check

  • My health has been checked
  • I have been desexed
  • I am microchipped
  • My vaccinations are up to date
  • My worming is up to date

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