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Hi, my name is Tiberius!
I have been waiting
36 DAYS for a home

Learn more about Tiberius

Greetings humans, I am Tiberius! I've come a long way since first arriving here at the shelter. Once a painfully shy boy too scared to come out from under my blanket, I am now the biggest attention seeker there ever was! Nothing can distract me in my pursuit of affection; I will reach out my paw to you when I want love and ignore everything even food while I bask in the attention given to me. I'll blissfully roll around by your feet or curl up right on your lap if you'll let me. And when I'm really feeling in the mood to love on you, I'll even climb right up to give you a little kitty kiss on your nose! While I have a curiosity that extends to my fellow felines, I do prefer the company of humans above anything else and can get jealous when I'm made to share the spotlight. Therefore, I would much rather my new home be somewhere that all the love can be given just to me! I shall be the lord of my forever home. I yearn for a household where I can live alongside one or two adult humans who will dote on me endlessly


Adoption Fee

My Fast Facts

Animal ID:



Domestic Medium Hair


2 Years 2 Weeks




Grey Tabby


4.08 kg




AWLQ Ipswich Rehoming Centre

6 Hooper Street West Ipswich QLD 4305


07 3059 7131


My Health Check

  • My health has been checked
  • I have been desexed
  • I am microchipped
  • My vaccinations are up to date
  • My worming is up to date

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