Hi, my name is Lola!
I have been waiting
76 DAYS for a home

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Lola is the name and playing is my game! You could say I'm a bit of a pocket rocket so if you're looking for a dog you can have fun with then you should totally ask to meet me. I'll be sure to make a loyal friend and will always be keen to join you on all your adventures - whether that's hitting up the beach, going on a stroll or maybe even a hike! I enjoy other doggies but can be quite the rough nut (all in good fun), so if you've got a dog of similiar nature then feel free to bring Lola along. We think Lola would make the perfect family dog, and would especially love to play and run about with some kidlets in the yard. If you know and love the Staffy breed like we do, you would know they absolutely love the companionship of humans and thrive off spending good quality time with them. Therefore if you're looking for a couch buddy, Lola is a great candidate! Come in to meet this sweet girl today, you won't be disappointed!

Couch Buddy
Family Friendly
Hidden Gem
OK with Dogs

Adoption Fee

My Fast Facts

Animal ID:



Staffordshire Bull Terrier


1 Year 2 Months




Tan & White


21.6 kg






My Health Check

  • My health has been checked
  • I have been desexed
  • I am microchipped
  • My vaccinations are up to date
  • My worming is up to date

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