Hi, my name is Milo!
I have been waiting
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Meet our special boy, Milo! He's 50% floof, and 50% fun. He has an exhuberant nature and is the master of exploring! He will benefit from a family who loves the great outdoors as much as him, especially those who are familiar with Arctic breeds. Milo enjoys a good game of soccer in the yard, and getting out for a good stretch of his legs during the cooler periods of the day. Milo does have specific requirements that are important to fulfill in order for him to keep happy and healthy. He is a great athlete, and would benefit from enrolment into a doggie sport such as sledding - yes, it's a thing here in QLD! Otherwise morning and afternoon walks, jogs or bike rides are on the cards. He will be the perfect candidate for trips to the beach during the summer and enjoy snoozing under the air con whilst at home. Malamutes require regular brushing and grooming of their thick double coat, where they often tend to "blow" their coats twice a year. These breeds can be some what picky with their food and tend to prefer smaller meals more frequently and fishy food items - they do originate from Alaska after all! But despite the serious stuff, Milo is a handsome fella who loves the company of his human pals. He would make a great best mate for older kids who love to run and play, and a great addition to an active home environment who seek fun, adventure and lots of love!

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Animal ID:



Alaskan Malamute Cross Golden Retriever


1 Year 2 Months




Tan & White


33.5 kg






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  • My health has been checked
  • I have been desexed
  • I am microchipped
  • My vaccinations are up to date
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