Hi, my name is The Fuzz!
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Get ready for a heart-warming tale of romance as we present The Fuzz, a striking black and white Rex, and his charming new companion, Daisy, a youthful tri-coloured beauty. Their love story has just begun, and they're looking for a patient and caring forever home that will help nurture and blossom this newfound connection. 🖤 The Fuzz - Dapper in Black & White: Meet The Fuzz, a dashing black and white Rex. With his distinctive curly fur and soulful eyes, The Fuzz exudes a cool and confident demeanour. He's a gentle soul with a playful side, and his curiosity about the world is as boundless as his love for Daisy. The Fuzz is ready to embark on this new chapter of his life with a special someone by his side. 🌼 Daisy - A Tri-Coloured Sweetheart: Daisy, a lovely smooth-haired tri-coloured lady, has stolen The Fuzz's heart with her vibrant personality and endearing charm. Her coat is a canvas of colours, reflecting her joyful and youthful spirit. Daisy is still discovering the world around her and is excited to share each moment with The Fuzz. She brings a sense of warmth and cheerfulness to their budding relationship. 💕 A Love Story in the Making: The Fuzz and Daisy are a newly bonded pair, and their relationship is in the early stages of blossoming. Like any love story, they'll need time and patience to strengthen their bond. They find comfort in each other's presence, sharing quiet moments and exploring their cosy hidey houses together. With the right environment and care, their love is destined to flourish. 🏡 Ideal Forever Home: The Fuzz and Daisy are seeking a forever home that understands the delicate nature of new guinea pig relationships. An enclosure of at least 1.2m will provide them with the space to frolic and play. Multiple hidey houses will offer cosy retreats for both romantic rendezvous and moments of solitary reflection. Daily cuddle sessions will be the key to helping their relationship bloom. Requirements: A patient and loving home with an enclosure of at least 1.2m, plenty of hidey houses, and a commitment to daily cuddle sessions.


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8 Months 3 Weeks




Black & White


0.98 kg




Gold Coast Rehoming Centre

Shelter Road Coombabah QLD 4216


07 5509 9000


Tues to Fri 10am-5pm/ Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

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  • My health has been checked
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