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Meet Smooch and Pepper: A Love Story in the Making! Exciting news for all fans of our beloved Smooch! This handsome, desexed male guinea pig has found his one true lady love, the amazingly beautiful Pepper. Their journey to find each other has been nothing short of magical, and now they are ready to share their love with a forever family. Smooch is known for his sweet, affectionate nature. He loves cuddles, gentle petting, and human interaction. This charming little guy has always had a special place in our hearts, and now, he's ready to share his heart with Pepper. Pepper is a stunning guinea pig with a personality as lovely as her looks. She's gentle, loving, and adores human attention. Her favourite activities include snuggling in cosy blankets and nibbling on fresh veggies. Pepper's calm and caring nature makes her the perfect match for Smooch. As a newly bonded pair, Smooch and Pepper will need time to let their relationship blossom. They are already showing signs of a deep and affectionate bond, often seen sharing snacks and cuddling up together. These two thrive on daily interactions and are happiest when they can be close to their human friends. If you're looking for a pair of loving guinea pigs who will bring joy and warmth to your home, Smooch and Pepper are the perfect match. They promise to fill your days with delightful squeaks, playful antics, and endless cuddles. An indoor home is a must, as are regular grooming sessions for Miss Pepper. Bring home Smooch and Pepper, and become part of their love story today!


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My Fast Facts

Animal ID:



Smooth Hair


2 Years 2 Months 2 Weeks




Black & Tan


1.1 kg




Gold Coast Rehoming Centre

Shelter Road Coombabah QLD 4216


07 5509 9000


Tues to Fri 10am-5pm/ Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

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  • My health has been checked
  • My worming is up to date

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