Hi, my name is Maraschino!
I have been waiting
124 DAYS for a home

Learn more about Maraschino

🐾 Meet Maraschino 🐾 Are you ready to welcome a bundle of joy and endless love into your home? Look no further because Maraschino is here to steal your heart! At just 11 weeks old, this adorable little girl is bursting with affection and charm, making her the ideal companion for anyone seeking a furry friend to shower with love and cuddles. Maraschino is more than just a cute face-she's a true purr machine! Once you scoop her into your arms, her engines start revving, filling the room with the soothing melody of contentment. There's nothing quite like the feeling of her soft fur against your skin as she nestles close, ready to bask in your affection. But Maraschino isn't just about snuggles-she's a playful girl too! With her collection of cool toys, she's always on the lookout for fun and adventure. Whether she's chasing after a feather wand or doing zoomies around the room, her playful antics are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. After a thrilling playtime session, Maraschino knows the importance of rest and relaxation. She adores finding a cozy spot to snuggle up in, curling into a little ball of fluff as she drifts off into a peaceful snooze. It's in these quiet moments that you'll truly appreciate the joy of having her by your side. Maraschino is also a firm believer that humans are the coolest creatures around! She can't wait to find a loving family to call her very own, showering them with affection and making googly eyes at them whenever they're nearby. With her gentle purrs and playful spirit, she's sure to melt the hearts of everyone she meets. So, if you're ready to open your heart and home to a sweet and loving little girl, look no further than Maraschino. With her endless affection and irresistible charm, she's ready to become the purr-fect addition to your family. Come meet her today and prepare to fall head over paws in love! 🐾💕


Adoption Fee

My Fast Facts

Animal ID:



Domestic Short Hair


4 Months 1 Week






1.1 kg




Warra Rehoming Centre

523 Telegraph Road Bracken Ridge QLD 4017


07 3631 6800


Mon to Fri 12pm-6pm / Sat & Sun 10am-3pm

My Health Check

  • My health has been checked
  • I have been desexed
  • I am microchipped
  • My vaccinations are up to date
  • My worming is up to date

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