Delilah & Mr Clooney

Delilah and Mr. Clooney are AWLQ’s very special four legged Canine Ambassadors!

Delilah, a ‘Red Dog’ look alike kelpie, was a stray who came into the care of AWLQ in 2012 and went on to become nationally famous across Australia for her many fun filled exploits during her 42 days inside the house on Channel 9’s hit TV show BIG BROTHER in 2012.

Mr. Clooney, a stumpy tailed cattle dog, was also a homeless stray from an AWLQ shelter who went on to doggy stardom when he lived in the BIG BROTHER house for almost the entire 2013 season of the show, also becoming nationally famous in the process!

Both dogs were adopted by AWLQ staff members and are much loved and both currently serve as very visible AWLQ education dogs, who regularly visit schools and make public appearances to teach the public about why it is important to always ‘Choose to adopt’ and save the life of a shelter animal, just like Delilah or Mr. Clooney.