Hayley Bateup

Hayley Bateup is a Gold Coast based professional Iron woman competitor and lifelong surf lifesaver.

During a long and illustrious career, she has set many ‘firsts’, including winning the prestigious Coolangatta Gold race an amazing three times.

She is also an actor and model.

“My major passions in life include health and fitness and animals. If I hadn’t become a professional athlete I would have loved to become a vet or something involving working with animals.”

“That’s why I love supporting the Animal Welfare League of Queensland. It is such a great organisation! I have two dogs I adopted from the AWLQ and they are such special, amazing and loving companions. They are a huge part of my family and I can’t imagine my life without them “!

“Regarding my fitness, people often ask me how I stay in shape. As a professional athlete of 17 years I know what it takes to stay fit and healthy. I’m ready to share with you all I know on how you can become the best possible you, in body, health and mind. Join me in Hayley Bateup’s ‘Body Blitz 10 week challenge’ and gain the skills and knowledge you need to change the rest of your life no matter what your fitness level.”


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