Christmas Appeal 2019

Rocky and Turbo sat by the front door waiting patiently for Sam, their owner, to return after she was rushed to hospital with an acute mental health condition. Sadly, Sam never did return.

With no one to care for them, Rocky and Turbo were left alone and frightened in their home for four days. Fortunately Animal Welfare League Queensland was able to be there for them and Sam.

The role Rocky and Turbo have in Sam's world is lifesaving. A simple nudge of a nose, a lick to the face, a calming pat or a quick chat provides Sam the ability to carry on with life.

"They are my sole reason for getting up each day, they provide a sense of purpose, they make life bearable and they provide reassurance in times of need. When I’m feeling unwell it is Rocky and Turbo who are there to offer comfort and support,” said Sam.

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“I would have been faced with the heartbreaking decision to re-home both Rocky and Turbo or surrender them to a shelter so they could find a new owner. This would have been distressing - they are my life. If I had to surrender my dogs I would never forgive myself. They mean the world to me,” said Sam.

This lifesaving support service meant my only companions were being lovingly cared for and not locked inside my home starving to death added Sam. "Animal Welfare League Queensland provided me assurance in one of the darkest moments of my life. This allowed me to stay in hospital and receive the treatment I desperately needed.”

Your gift this Christmas will change a life - click here to donate

“I cannot thank the Animal Welfare League Queensland enough. They took Rocky and Turbo in when I couldn’t provide the care they needed," said Sam.

Animal Welfare League Queensland is reaching out to you to help raise $55,000 so that we can continue to provide this lifesaving service.

Rocky and Turbo are just one example of pets that will be the only companionship for some people this Christmas and throughout the year.

For most people, Christmas is about family, spending precious time together and creating memories. Christmas can also be tough for many people especially those who have no family or friends in their life – often their animals are their sole reason for being, they are their saviour and critical to their well-being.

This Christmas, an alarming number of people will be sleeping rough with only their pet for company and to share their Christmas meal with. The elderly, living in isolation will rely on their animals for comfort and reassurance this Christmas.

As much as these vulnerable people rely on their pets, their beloved pets also rely on their human owners for their care and companionship.

Who will be there for them when their owner is rushed to hospital or can no longer be there for them, and they have nowhere to go?

Click here to donate – your gift this Christmas will change a life

We provide these lifesaving companions with somewhere safe and warm to stay until they can be reunited with their soul mate. These are not isolated situations and can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time.

The need for help is increasing with many calls received by us from hospitals and support agencies pleading for assistance with pets of people desperately needing medical treatment. The year round support that Animal Welfare League Queensland provides to people in need and their companion is lifesaving. 

Not only are these situations very stressful for people but even more critical for their pets. In times of need Animal Welfare League Queensland will always be there for them.

This Christmas your donation will change a life. We are asking for your help so that we can continue our support and funding of our emergency care work. Please donate today so that no animal will be left alone and homeless.


Thank you for donating to our Christmas Appeal