Keeping Kids Safe

Every year in Australia, HUNDREDS of children are bitten by household pets.

In many cases serious bites and scratches can avoided if we are able to recognise the ‘warning signs’ that a dog or cat is unhappy and therefore unreceptive to the advances of children or adults.

The AWLQ PetSense Program was developed to help children better understand their cats and dogs for the purpose of preventing injuries. The program was designed for use by teachers, parents as well as children, to help them ‘read’ dog and cat body language so they are better able to gauge when and when not to approach, pat and play with an animal.

All resources are available to download free from the list below or a hardcopy PetSense Resource Kit may be ordered from the Education Division by emailing or phoning (07) 5509 9034.

PetSense Dogs

PetSense Cats

Check out this helpful dog bite prevention video from The Family Dog.