CARE Program Humane Education

The CARE (Children & Animals; Respect & Empathy) program is an animal-assisted therapy program for children who are victims of domestic violence. Such children may have witnessed the perpetrator, usually a parent, abuse or kill the family pet. They may also have begun hurting animals themselves.

Witnessing parent and pet abuse may compromise children’s psychological adjustment, increase their propensity for interpersonal violence (via observational learning and/or identification with the aggressor) and make children’s cruelty to animals more likely to emerge as a symptom of their distress. This puts them at higher risk of going on to become perpetrators of violence towards people. Programs such as CARE, help these children learn to reconnect with animals in a compassionate and empathetic way, thus helping to break the cycle of abuse that so often occurs.

AWLQ is currently working on a pilot program with the McLeod’s Women’s Refuge and is seeking funding to help run the program. For more information please contact the AWLQ Education Division.