Mobile Phone Project

sookieThere are millions of unused mobile phones sitting in homes and offices across Australia.
Do you have an old SMART phone OR TABLET you don’t use anymore?
If you do please donate it to AWLQ so we can turn it in money for our animals!

All you need to do is drop off your old mobile phone or tablet at any of our rehoming centresop shops or our Community Vet Clinics in one of the brightly coloured donation bins.

AWLQ strongly recommends that prior to donating any smart phones or tablets that the Sim/Memory card be removed and all personal data be erased by resetting the phone to its original factory settings.
Please note that AWLQ assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY OF ANY KIND for any donated phones AND/OR tablets or personal information that is contained or left on any phone when it is donated.


Mobile phone donation box