AWLQ Membership

As well as a high focus on rehoming, AWLQ continues to increase community awareness of the tragedy of over 200,000 animals euthanised in shelters and pounds throughout Australia each year.

Our goal is to bring an end to the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy animals in Australia through legislative changes, education and awareness, and that every companion animal born has a loving and caring home for the duration of its life.

As a member of AWLQ you are adding your voice to our cause and playing a vital role in bringing about positive change for companion animals.

membership FEES

  • Individual adult membership
    – Annual subscription $50
    – Lifetime subscription $500
  • Individual junior membership – Annual subscription $20

fill out AWLQ’s membership enquiry form 


(1)          At the next meeting of the Management Committee after the receipt of any application and the fee applicable for any class of membership, such application shall be considered by the Management Committee, who shall thereupon determine upon the admission or rejection of the applicant.

(2)          Any applicant who receives a majority of the votes of the Members of the Management Committee present at the meeting at which such application is being considered shall be accepted as a Member to the class of membership applied for.

(3)          Upon the acceptance or rejection of an application for any class of membership, the Secretary shall forthwith give the applicant notice in writing of such acceptance or rejection.