Too many Dogs or Puppies

Are too many dogs or puppies a problem in your home?

                 Find our more about the National Desexing Network

The National Desexing Network is a network of veterinarians Australia-wide who reduce their prices for dog (and cat) owners with pension or concession cards. Each participating veterinarian may offer different discounted prices. An example of the discounted prices for dogs:

An example of NDN Desexing Prices for Pension/Concession Card Holders Male Dog Female Dog
0-10kg $108 (normally $180 or more) $132 (normally $220 or more)
10-25kg $114 (normally $190 or more) $144 (normally $240 or more)
25kg and over $120 (normally $200 or more) $174 (normally $290 or more)

Eligible pension/concession card holders can:

  • Go online to to find the veterinary clinics nearest them which offer discounted prices, check the prices and organise a voucher on line OR
  • Phone 1300 368 992 or 07 5509 9001 to receive support to organise a voucher

                  Find out more about National Desexing Month in June

Veterinarians, who may or may not normally be a part of the National Desexing Network, offer special deals TO ALL PET OWNERS in July each year for both dogs and cats. The recommended prices are approximately:

Male cat                   $70         Female cat $100

Male dog (small)      $115        Medium    $125   Large    $140

Female dog (small)  $150       Medium    $165    Large    $185


Dog owners can go online to to find the participating veterinarians in National Desexing Month and the deals they offer.

                        Why desexing by 5 months of age helps your dog and you

For your dog:

  • Desexed dogs are safer – less likely to roam, get into fights with other males, and hit by cars while out looking for a mate.
  • Desexed dogs are healthier – there is no risk of them getting testicular cancer and decreased risk of prostate problems

For you:

  • Desexed dogs are less expensive – lower registration fees, less likely to be impounded with fees to get your dog out, and less likely to need expensive veterinary treatment from roaming and getting into fights, hit by cars etc Having puppies is expensive too, and may lead to poor health and complications for your female dog.
  • Desexing makes no difference as to whether a dog is a good watchdog. It all depends on the breed type and personality of the dog, not on whether they are desexed.
  • Dogs that are desexed early also avoid learning adult sexual behaviours such as fighting for territory, excessive urine marking and resource-protection aggression.