Rise 4 Rose


Beautiful Rose – an eight-year-old Pomeranian – requires urgent knee surgery to help rectify an uneven and painful gait…

Rose is scheduled to undergo surgery this August, which is just in time to put a bounce in her step this spring…

Treating an animal with physical health issues can require complex and costly veterinary surgery with weekly check-ups and treatment.

AWLQ is calling out to Everyday Heroes to help AWLQ crowd fund $3,750 required for Rose to undergo specialist knee surgery (plus receive veterinary important treatments including desexing and dental work).

Rose is closely bonded with another adorable Pomeranian named Daisy
(Pictured below)

The two have grown up together and are best friends…
After Rose undergoes surgery, the Pomeranian pair will need to be
rehomed together to a loving family.

PLEASE help US TO GET Rose walkING in time for spring…