Volunteer Position Descriptions

Our wonderful volunteers fulfill a variety of positions at our AWLQ shelters.

Please read these descriptions carefully to see if the role you are thinking about is suitable for your skills, experience, availability, accessibility to your location / area as well as your physical, emotional and mental capabilities.

Once you are comfortable that the role is suitable for you, please return to the previous page and complete the application form for your chosen shelter.

Cat Team Position Descriptions

Small Animals Position Descriptions

Small Animals – Morning Attendant* –  Gold Coast Position Only.

Linen, Washing & Sorting

Linen & Laundry Attendant – Gold Coast Position Only.

Vet Clinic Position Descriptions

Vet Clinic Kennel Hand Assistant* – Gold Coast Position Only.

Vet Clinic Reception and Liaison Assistant*  – Gold Coast Position Only.

Events & Fundraising

Events and Fundraising Assistant* – Gold Coast Position Only

Look out for our Event Team Inductions on our AWLQ facebook page.

Other Miscellaneous Position Descriptions

Education Assistant – Educational Programs* – Gold Coast Position Only.

Data Entry Assistant* –  Gold Coast Position Only.

Grounds and Gardens Maintenance Attendant* –  Gold Coast Position Only.

(*Denotes a position where prerequisites and special conditions apply or position availability may be limited. Please note that NOT all positions are available at all shelters)