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For us, our work is more than just providing a safe haven for close to 10,000 stray and homeless animals every year. It’s about maintaining a promise to save more lives. It’s about ensuring we keep pets and their families together.

Ultimately, it’s about creating a brighter future for animals in need.

How do we achieve this? We don’t turn away animals who are suffering, we don’t euthanise animals because they are old or require treatment. We save more lives because of our promise – to never euthanise a healthy, sociable or treatable animal in our care. We keep pets and families together by providing lifesaving support so animals are never unnecessarily euthanised or surrendered.





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Provide an animal with toys to keep them happy.

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Will microchip an animal so they can be found if they are lost.

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Will protect an animal from disease and parasites.

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Will enable 10 days care in our foster care program.

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Will cover the cost to desex an animal.

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Will provide 4 days onsite care

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Will cover the cost of a dental procedure.

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Will cover the rehoming costs of an animal .

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Will repair a simple leg fracture.

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Will cover the cost of a specialist veterinary surgery.

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A monthly donation will allow us to keep our promise.

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A gift in your Will ensures our work continues.

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 We are dedicated to serving the animals of our community and with you by our side, we will go the extra mile.

We are different – we are dedicated to serving the animals of our community and with you by our side, we will go the extra mile. Our community support is dedicated to keeping people and pets together during the times they need each other most. Whether through temporary hardships or health problems, or due to limited income. We know that temporary hardship or a lack of support doesn’t mean a lack of love.

· The charter of our community vet clinics community vet clinics  is that no sick or suffering animal is ever turned away. This means pet owners never need to face a decision to unnecessarily euthanise or surrender their much loved companion animals.

· Our Emergency Boarding Program provides short term boarding assistance for pets and families in need. The program is designed to help families move through temporary hardship without the stresses of losing their pet.

· In Australia, an estimated 140,000 healthy but unwanted dogs and cats are killed in Australian pounds each year. Getting 2 Zero  works so that every community and municipality can achieve zero euthanasia of all healthy and treatable cats and dogs.

· Golden Hearts breaks down the barriers that stand in the way of senior people owning pets. It gives those aged 65 and older the peace of mind and support they need to enjoy the many benefits of animal companionship.

·  The National Desexing Network is an Australia-wide referral system providing pet owners in financial need access to low-cost desexing. The goal is to end pet overpopulation by making desexing available and more affordable to pet owners who need it most

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