Golden Hearts - senior's pet support

Golden Hearts is completely free to join and comes with a range of benefits. Initially, AWLQ will help pair the member with an ideal ‘Golden Pet’ which are the older animals that find themselves in our care. Adoption fees are waived and our Golden Heart member is free to take home their companion.

small-ita1AWLQ supports the care of this animal by offering advice, discounted vaccinations at AWLQ vet clinics, free Christmas pet hampers, invitations to special functions, providing transportation of the animal to and from care, taking in the animal in the case that the senior requires medical attention or rehoming the animal if the Golden Heart member can no longer care for the animal.

Ita Buttrose has joined the AWLQ team as an Ambassador for our Golden Hearts program. Ita was named Australian of the year in 2013 for her charity work highlighting the needs of senior people in the community. Ita is a huge advocate for owning a pet in your senior years which has made her a noble representative of our program.

What do you need to know about Golden Hearts?

  • YES it’s FREE to join
  • YES the program is open to ALL pet owners 65 and older, whether you adopted your pet from us or not.
  • YES the discounted vaccinations and vet services are open to ALL pet owners 65 and older.
  • YES the S.T.E.P.S. (Short Term Emergency Petcare Service) is open to ALL pet owners
  • We offer a $0 adoption fee for mature-aged dogs and cats to Golden Hearts members *conditions apply

Call (07) 5509 9033 or email to learn more

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Golden Hearts celebrated it’s first birthday in August 2016 – watch here