Partnership Project

The Partnership Project aims to create links between adolescents in need and companion animals in need, leading to improved outcomes for both groups.

Adolescents, who have become disengaged from the mainstream school system, due to personal or family trauma, learning or social difficulties or anti-social behaviour, are given the opportunity to work with shelter dogs and learn how to train them in basic obedience.

Over the six week program, students work with a qualified, experience dog trainer and are given opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility, connectedness to their community, self-esteem, problem-solving skills and empathy for the dogs with which they are teaching. Schools that run special education programs for disengaged or special needs students are invited to apply for the Partnership Project by contacting the AWLQ Education Division, or download the student registration form below.

Please note, the program accepts a group of no less than four students at a time.

Partnership Project Student Registration form