Our Values & Beliefs


  • Find safe and happy homes with responsible guardians for as many abandoned cats and dogs as possible
  • Achieve Zero Euthanasia of all healthy & treatable cats and dogs
  • Prevent the birth of unwanted kittens and puppies
  • Improve humans’ attitudes toward all animals through education
  • Improve the living conditions and treatment of animals in shelters and pounds
  • Find a positive solution for unowned cats
  • Raise the value of animals in society so that the intrinsic needs of each species are recognized, respected and met

Our Values

We believe that by working in harmony with integrity, optimism, initiative and innovation, we will achieve respect for all animals according to their individual needs and nature.

We Believe:

  • Each and every life is valuable
  • Zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals is achievable
  • Cruelty is unacceptable
  • All animals deserve kind treatment
  • Every cat and dog born has a right to live happily in a loving, responsible home