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Introducing Ben and Jerry, the dynamic duo named after your favourite ice cream, and they're just as delightful! These two charming boys are looking for their forever home together, and they promise to bring double the joy and sweetness into your life. About Ben & Jerry: Ben and Jerry are inseparable brothers with personalities as distinct as their names. Ben, the braver of the two, is always the first to explore new surroundings and greet visitors with curious whiskers and bright eyes. Jerry, while a bit more reserved, quickly warms up and loves to snuggle once he feels comfortable. Both boys have a sweet disposition and enjoy the simple pleasures of guinea pig life - munching on fresh veggies, lounging in cosy hideaways, and wheeking happily when it's time for treats. What Makes Them Special: Ben and Jerry share a special bond that's heart-warming to witness. They play together, eat together, and even nap side by side. Adopting them together ensures they continue to thrive and keep each other company. These boys love human interaction. Whether it's gentle petting or watching them play, they are sure to bring a smile to your face. They require a clean, safe large enclosure, a diet rich in hay, fresh vegetables, and plenty of water. Ben and Jerry would thrive in a home where they can receive daily attention and affection. They're perfect for families, singles, or couples who understand the needs of guinea pigs and are committed to providing a loving, forever home. A spacious, well-ventilated cage with plenty of hiding spots and enrichment activities will keep these boys happy and healthy. Ensure regular cage cleaning, a proper diet, and vet visits to keep them in top health. These sweet boys thrive on love and gentle handling. With patience and care, their affectionate personalities will shine. If you're ready to add a scoop of joy to your life with this delightful pair, Ben and Jerry are waiting to meet you! They promise to be the sweetest addition to your home and fill your days with endless love and entertainment. Adopt Ben and Jerry - because life is better with a double dose of sweetness!


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3 Years 2 Weeks




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