Meet our boy, Bruno!

Bruno is a one-year-old Bearded Collie cross, who has completely stolen the hearts of the entire staff and volunteers at AWLQ.

When Bruno first arrived as a stray at AWLQ, it was evident to our rehoming team that he required foundational training prior to being placed into a loving home…

Knowing that Bruno is naturally exuberant and excitable by nature, and that all dogs benefit physically and psychologically from obedience training – our expert rehoming team set about working closely with this lovable high–energy dog –  to help instill good manners and impulse-control behaviours.

Through AWLQ’s ‘treatable manageable’ program, the rehoming team have continued to work with Bruno using various scent-based enrichment activities including focus training (holding focus with his handler); as well as providing mental-stimulation and reducing overly-stimulating behaviours…

AWLQ is now taking applications in search of the perfect home for Bruno. The ideal owner will be willing  to continue providing Bruno with positive reinforcement to help further grow and maintain his newfound obedience skills.


The love, friendship and happiness this beautiful dog will provide to his new family will be worth the extra time and effort in maintaining his good behaviour.

If you are interested in providing this wonderful goof-ball a loving home, please express your interest to apply to adopt by emailing