Australian Kelpie Breeze first came to AWLQ’s Beenleigh Rehoming Centre as stray. This beautiful girl was extremely frustrated, being a working breed that needs to be kept active and interested. She was not coping well in the kennels and would bounce off the walls and try and escape her yard every chance she got.

No one wanted to adopt Breeze.

Seeing that her behaviour was becoming unmanageable and therefore turning off potential adopters, AWLQ staff member Penny decided to take her on as a special case.

Penny knew that as a working breed, Breeze needed positive ways to channel her excess energy. Through training, love and attention, Breeze flourished into an amazing dog.

This once ‘un-rehomable’ dog is now a qualified Delta Therapy Dog and has been working with sick patients at Logan Hospital for three years now. Breeze also worked for two years as an Education Dog for Logan City Council, teaching young children about responsible pet care and has an amazing repertoire of tricks, including ‘saying her prayers’ each night before she goes to bed.

Breeze is the perfect example of why AWLQ opens its doors to ALL pets that need our help, not just the ‘easy’ ones. We are one of very few animal organisations that will accept unclaimed strays from regional pounds outside our jurisdiction and will never turn away an animal that in urgent need of our help, no matter what its condition or circumstance.

Many of these animals would face euthanasia if they did not have the safe haven of AWLQ. You see, not all council pounds have the funding or facilities to run rehoming programs for their unclaimed pets. Some animals may be picked up by selective rescue groups, but the rest face the end of the line.

AWLQ works with as many of these pounds as possible to save the ones living on borrowed time. Over the decades, thousands and thousands of these animals have gone on to live long and happy lives, just like Breeze. If it were not for AWLQ they would have been forgotten forever, never having had the chance to achieve great things and never having had the chance to love and be loved.