What an incredible 10 days of rehoming we have had at our three rehoming centres.

On the first of August we launched our Adopt 10 dogs for 10 days for $10 campaign. We held this promotion because we had a lot of large breed dogs being overlooked for smaller breeds and were spending months waiting for a home at the shelter. Our campaign highlighted the great personalities of the dogs in our care and how important it was for us to find them loving homes. On the days leading up to the promotion we noticed an increase in people adopting our big dogs. In fact 12 big dogs were rehomed on the Wed-Thurs before our campaign had even started compared with just three dogs over the same days the week before! Our campaign had encouraged people to stop sitting on the fence and take action by adopting the dog they had had their eye on but were still considering to adopt.

In the first three days of the promotion we had rehomed 67 large breed dogs. By Monday the majority of the dogs that were left were the smaller maltese and jack russell breeds. At close of business on the 10th of August we had farewelled 87 large breed dogs as they left the rehoming centre with their new families. Some dogs had been waiting for a home since February and this promotion helped them find the homes they had longed for. On the 11th of August we had just 16 dogs available for adoption across all three rehoming centres and lots of space to help more dogs in need.

The AWLQ would like to thank the families from all of the Gold Coast and Brisbane who supported our campaign by adopting one of our beloved pets. To those who shared our posters and animal photos on social media and to those who told their friends to come and adopt. You have made a huge difference to not only the dogs that were rehomed but to the dogs we now have space to help.