“When we decided to get a kitten we knew he or she would be coming from the Animal Welfare League QLD. My family have always adopted our pets from the shelter and have always been blessed with the most loyal, and curious cats.

When we arrived at the Gold Coast centre we told the staff what we were looking for in a kitten but when we sat with the kittens none really caught our attention. One of the lovely ladies suggested a kitten a little older than the others and so we met Cory, an all-black little lad who was 5 months old. As soon as I was in the cage he was all over me giving out hugs and kitty kisses, and his purring was out of this world. He seemed so happy to meet me it was so heart-warming. It was then that we decided to take Cory home.

As soon as he arrived at the house he was an instant fit. He loved our kids straight away each one receiving kisses and cuddles. Within minutes of him being let out of his crate, he had made himself at home; scratching on the cat scratcher, chasing his new toys and sleeping on the couch next to his new little humans as they watched Frozen. He didn’t even mind when they started singing (wailing) away to the songs.

We changed Cory’s name to Stirling and he has now been with us for almost a month. We are so happy this little ball of furry fun is in our lives. He is very kooky and has little fits of happiness whenever someone feeds him. He eats all his dinner and then rolls around on top of the bowl purring. He also chooses when you are done reading a book or talking on the phone and will get in your face until you give in and pat him.

He fits in perfectly with our family and we can’t imagine our life without him.”

Thanks AWLQ