Dominique downloaded the AWLQ rehoming app recently so she could ‘keep up to date with the dogs 24/7’.
When she arrived at the Gold Coast Rehoming Centre she had a few dogs in mind but as she walked past the kennels she didn’t know how to decide, she wanted to adopt them all!  She stopped at a kennel that was home to a pair of laid back dogs and stopped to watch them for a moment.
They had been to the beach that morning and were spread out in their hammock beds enjoying the afternoon shade. Dominique says she thought they looked like great mates and asked to meet them both!

With Dominique working full time she worried her new pet would get lonely so was thrilled to meet two dogs that could entertain themselves while she was at work.

Vera had been looking for a new home since early October and AJ had been her kennel pal since November. They got along very well and loved to play with each other on their shelter trips to the beach. When Dominique decided to adopt them both AWLQ rehoming staff were thrilled!

Dominique says she had been waiting for a new pet for such a long time and is so happy to be able to be the ‘new mum’ to a pair of pooches that are already the very best of friends.

Thanks for choosing to adopt Dominique!!


In 2013 AWLQ attempted what people thought was impossible, to find a home for every single animal in our care in just two days.

It was the first time a Rehoming Centre of AWLQ’s size had attempted such a goal and with the communities help 177 of 192 animals found their forever homes.

This Christmas 207 companion animals call AWLQ home and next weekend we hope to find homes for every last one.

Accept the challenge December 13th-14th and Hashtag your photos #projectemptyshelter.