Angie and Minnie were known as the Perfect Pommy Pair. The six year old Pomeranians arrived at the AWLQ when their owners could no longer care for them and we knew we had to do our best to rehome them together.

Having grown up together Minnie and Angie had been constant companions. They enjoyed playing, going to the park, visiting the beach and having afternoon naps, just so long as they could do it together.

Leigh and Lorrindah were looking for a new pet and decided to visit the AWLQ. They weren’t sure what sort of dog they had in mind so started browsing through the dog kennels. Little did they know they would soon be viewing two little fluff balls and be leaving the shelter with not one, but TWO new best friends.

When Lorrindah learned of Angie and Minnie’s story she knew that she could help. She asked to meet them and together with Leigh spent some time getting to know this delightful pair. It was while watching them shadow each other around the yard that they knew they had to take them both home so decided to adopt a dog each.

WORDS FROM LORRINDAH“Leigh and I are very happy to have Angie & Minnie to be part of our family. They will be spoilt with loads of love for the rest of their lives”.