I adopted a gorgeous five-year-old cat called “Sammy” in December from the Coombabah Shelter. I have renamed her “Aria” which in Hebrew means “Lioness”.

It took her a little while to settle in to her new environment and a few weeks to trust us, but a month on she’s a completely different kitty, all it took was hugs, kisses, love, attention and the occasional treat! She has her diva moments and is incredibly funny to watch. She has also decided she quite likes pats and cuddles, (It’s almost non stop!)

Aria has a lot of Dog/Human characteristics, she loves to adventure outside in the garden. She’s very fussy when it comes to food and only has one brand of food she will eat. She loves a little meow conversation with either myself or my Mum and is very nosey. She loves to follow everyone around especially my sister who never liked cats until she met Aria. Now they share a Purrrfect friendship.

We are learning new tricks with the treats and she is very smart! Teaching her has become one of my favourite pastimes. Aria has mastered ‘Begging’ (standing on her hind legs) and can almost ‘Sit’ on Command.

Thank you AWLQ staff & volunteers at Coombabah Shelter for giving us Furry Happiness on a daily basis. I would encourage everyone to adopt a pet from a shelter.