Animal Welfare League Queensland’s Eleea Navarro will swap her AWLQ dungarees for an AWLQ OP Shop ballgown when she represents the Gold Coast as a Queensland finalist in the Miss World Australia competition in July.

A passionate animal lover and singer/songwriter, 22 year old Eleea will be best known to Australians as a contestant on The Voice, and finalist in Miss Universe 2014.

Eleea has spent the last couple of years volunteering and now working for AWLQ.

“It’s hard work to muck out the kennels and do other cleaning, but it’s so worth it,” Eleea said.

“To see the dogs and cats go home with people who clearly love them, and are willing to give them a second chance at life, is so rewarding.

“Some of the surrendered and abandoned animals come to us so frightened and timid, to see them gain their confidence during their time with us, and go home so happy and confident with a family is just amazing.”

Eleea is one of just eight Queensland finalists, and the only Gold Coast contestant to make it through the three rounds of the Miss World Australia competition.

ed Eleea Navarro in AWLQ Op Shop ballgownShe literally wore AWLQ support all the way through, her ballgowns, shoes and even jewellery, all bought from the charity’s very own Op Shops.

“Yes I was decked head to toe in AWLQ Op Shop clothing,” she laughs.

“It made me feel good to be able to make a difference while purchasing the evening wear that I needed for the competition.

“It also just goes to show the quality of the clothing you can buy at Animal Welfare League Queensland Op Shops.”

Eleea heads to Melbourne in July, with the support of all the AWLQ staff, which has watched her blossom in the last two years.

“We are so excited for Eleea, she is an incredibly beautiful person who is so devoted to animals and so talented,” CEO Denise Bradley said.

“She’s such a down to earth person who is always thinking of the animals and others.”

For Eleea, who grew up on a farm in Mullumbimby New South Wales rescuing animals with her family from a very early age, it always has been, and always will be, about the animals in her care. Now it’s at AWLQ.

“Everything the charity has, it gives to the animals,” Eleea said.

“Everyone’s donations go to the animals’ welfare.

“I love my job!”

Eleea 3 feeding time AWLQ