Sasha 45517 ipsAnimal Welfare League Qld (AWLQ) has launched a $29 Feline Frenzy campaign as the charity looks to rehome hundreds of abandoned and surrendered cats.

“Adult cat numbers have reached critical levels, with the number of cats in care now nearly 400,” State Rehoming Manager Melinda Phipps said.

“Add to these more than 660 kittens, and AWLQ has in excess of 1,000 cats and kittens needing lifelong homes.

“We’ve launched a $29 Feline Frenzy adult campaign* in an effort to rehome these abandoned and surrendered cats at our five rehoming centres, and make way for others which are in foster care.”

Cats are prolific breeders in warm climates, with one female cat capable of having up to three litters a year. Cats can begin breeding at four months of age, live anywhere between 10 and 18 years and have up to eight kittens at a time. It’s a recipe for overpopulation if they aren’t desexed.

“AWLQ is a leader in the campaign to desex cats, and dogs, introducing the National Desexing Network, with a month long desexing campaign in July every year,” Ms Phipps said.

“We can’t stress enough the importance of early aged desexing.

“There are so many unwanted kittens, which become unwanted cats who go on to continue the cycle – we have to break it, for the sake of the cats.”

Animal Welfare League Qld has five rehoming centres across South East Queensland at Coombabah and Beenleigh on the Gold Coast, Warra and Willawong in Brisbane and Ipswich.

“There are so many beautiful cats just waiting to have their moment in the sun, in your home.

“Please choose to adopt, rather than go to a breeder.”

The $29 rehoming campaign runs until Sunday. For more information on the cats, dogs, kittens and puppies available for rehoming head to