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Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) has launched a program for greyhounds called ‘Going Grey – AWLQ’, and is calling for foster carers to participate.

“We have had a long association with greyhounds, their care and rehoming and we want to ensure that they have the best start in their new lives,” AWLQ President Sylvana Wenderhold said.

“Many of the former racing dogs we rehome have never had any experience with stairs, glass doors, roads, swimming pools or ever stepped inside a home.

“This program is designed to acclimatise them to household living with specifically trained foster carers.”


Would-be foster carers will receive face-to-face training, ongoing support and a 25-page support manual, which is also available on line for anyone interested in fostering or adopting.

The Queensland based charity, which has rehomed more than 115,000 stray and abandoned cats and dogs over half a century, is now calling on foster carers to come forward to be part of the ‘Going Grey – ALWQ” program.


“We’re asking our wonderful, existing foster carers and other members of the community who have an interest in animal welfare and rehoming, to come forward,” AWLQ Vice President and program liaison Sue Spencer said.

“All our foster carers receive support from experienced rehoming staff and this program will be an extension of that.”

“You will be making a difference to the lives of these placid, loving dogs.”

Last year AWLQ rehomed more than 80 greyhounds and expects the number to increase with the New South Wales greyhound ban date’s approach.

“We fully support the greyhound ban and have worked tirelessly to see it become a national reality,” Ms Wenderhold said.

“Since the ban was announced last month we’ve been delighted to see the number of people interested in specifically rehoming greyhounds increase.

“Going Grey – AWLQ will help ensure these greyhounds are prepared for life after the track.”


Eventually AWLQ is looking to see the greyhounds go straight into foster care and then their new adoptive home, rather than being kennelled at AWLQ at any stage.

The team is also dedicated to busting myths surrounding greyhounds.

Greyhounds are loving, gentle dogs, who literally lean on their owners for support,” Ms Wenderhold said.

“They require little exercise, are easily, if not already toilet trained, and would much prefer to lie on your lounge.

“They need to be inside dogs because of their high muscle mass, can be introduced to cats with care, and sleep with toys like children.”

Anyone wishing to foster a greyhound, or any other AWLQ animals, can head to awlqld.com.au.

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