Teo the Greyhound was surrendered to AWLQ in September at the age of four after a life as a racing dog. He had been unwell and under our vet’s care and had been waiting patiently as he watched many of his kennel mates be adopted and go home with their new families. Our staff was pleased to recently learn he was fully healthy and would be then available for adoption in time for our Home for Christmas campaign.

Teo’s story is just one of the many about the thousands of animals for whom AWLQ care annually.

Every one of our animals has a compelling life story. Some are abandoned, some are lost, some are surrendered and some are born in the safety of an AWLQ shelter.

Our goal at AWLQ is to take in as many of these precious lives as we possibly can and rehome them into great homes.

The best gift during the holiday season is to spend time with people we love and we wanted to give that gift of family and love to all of the animals in our care. On the 13th and 14th of December we held  our 2nd annual AWLQ ‘Home For Christmas’ Mega Adoption campaign, with the goal of rehoming every animal in all AWLQ shelters and rehoming centres in just two days.

With the backing of the community, our staff and volunteers, dedicated supporters, sponsors and the media, we spread the word about this event and our goal far and wide and when the doors opened on Saturday morning our rehoming centres were inundated with individuals and families eager to adopt!

By the time we closed on Sunday afternoon, Teo and 255 more dogs, puppies, cats and kittens had been rehomed in just two days, a record breaking result!

The AWLQ is dedicated to helping companion animals in need. Our commitment to finding every animal in our care a home in just one weekend is unmatched by any other animal organisation in the country. It’s our ‘we will find a way’ attitude that sees us continually searching for unique ways to make adopting an animal easy.

To date in 2014, AWLQ has rehomed 6,400 animals, an increase of almost 1,000 animals over 2013. We are constantly developing and implementing new and innovative campaigns and strategies that are highly effective and designed to give the many thousands of animals who call AWLQ shelters their temporary home each year their own opportunity for a ‘brighter future’.

You can help support our future adoption campaigns and change the life of the next 6,500  homeless animal like Teo’s forever by making a donation to AWLQ this Christmas.

With your help we look forward to embracing a brighter future in 2015