This holiday season the Animal Welfare League QLD hope to set a new record – to have empty pens by 5.00 pm on Sunday December 8th.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for the AWLQ Rehoming Centres with litters of kittens and puppies arriving along with lost stray and abandoned cats and dogs. With just five weeks until Christmas the AWLQ will hold a HUGE adoption drive on the 7th -8th of December and get as many animals in homes as possible before Christmas day.

This is a first for an Australian shelter, never before has a rehoming centre of AWLQ’s size been able to adopt out all of its animals in a single weekend.

AWLQ Spokesperson Brooke Whitney says that the adoption drive will also see a reduction in adoption prices with dogs just $99, (normally $350) and cats $39, (normally $200).

“All animals will be desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. When a person chooses to adopt they will also be freeing up space so we can give another animal in need a chance to find a loving home for Christmas,” Ms Whitney says

“This is the first time a shelter has done anything like this, if we are successful it will be the first time in 54 years our shelter will be empty and 100 animals will have found their forever homes. It’s a ground breaking idea and one we hope will be supported by all animal lovers in South East Qld.”

“With 109 dogs 60 cats on waiting lists from the public as well as stray animals incoming daily from the pound you can be sure it won’t be long until the empty kennels are full once more,” Ms Whitney says

Christmas is a time to gather and celebrate with family and friends. Sadly though, Christmas can also be a time of loneliness and isolation for the many homeless animals (dogs and cats) waiting patiently in AWLQ shelters, their hope is to join a family and enjoy a brighter future full of affection.

The community can view animals available for adoption on the AWLQ Website, Facebook page and iPhone App. Users will also be kept up to date with the adoptions online through live social media streaming. Prior to the event, supporters can download the faces of the animals waiting for a home and tick them off as they are adopted throughout the day. (Visit to download).

“It’s about community involvement; we can’t reach our rehoming goals without the help of the community and this is a great way for people to see our progress and share our animal photos with their friends or even better come and adopt a pet themselves,” Ms Whitney says.

Adopting a pet from a shelter has become increasingly popular as people turn away from backyard breeders and pet shop puppies.

“If you have been considering a pet for Christmas please choose to adopt. Not only will you save a life but you will make room in the shelter for another pet that needs our help,” Ms Whitney says.

Shelter animals come in all shapes and sizes. AWLQ has puppies and kittens through to older animals who have the advantage of ‘life-experience’

“Our staff can match you to a pet that will not only suit your lifestyle but will be a constant companion who will offer you lots of love and affection.”

The AWLQ has three rehoming centres located on the Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Ipswich and encourage the community to be a part of this extraordinary event by choosing to adopt – One choice will save a life!