Animal Welfare League Qld (AWLQ) has commended Premier Mike Baird on his decision to ban greyhound racing in New South Wales and has called on the Queensland Government to follow his example.

“It’s a huge step in the fight for the rights of these placid, beautiful dogs,” Animal Welfare League Qld CEO Denise Bradley said.

“We have been actively lobbying to end this cruel practice for years, and were part of a petition to this Special Commission in NSW, overseen by for High Court Judge Michael McHugh.

“We rehome many greyhounds and while you couldn’t find a more loving, loyal dog, many of them have clearly had horrible experiences.”

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird announced the greyhound racing ban on social media today earlier this afternoon.

“In response to widespread illegal and unconscionable activity, including the slaughtering of tens of thousands of dogs, I can today announce that NSW is putting an end to greyhound racing,” Premier Baird said.

He went on to outline four major areas of concern stemming from an 800-page document presented by High Court Judge Michael McHugh which the Premier labelled ‘damning’ for the industry.

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It included the mass killing of anywhere up to 68,448 greyhounds in the last 12 years, the widespread practice of live baiting, the ‘systemic deception’ of the public concerning the numbers of deaths and injuries of dogs and the inability of the industry to reform.

Animal Welfare League Queensland celebrated the announcement with a group staff photo with three greyhounds the AWLQ is currently looking to rehome.

“Some of our staff cried when the news came through, it has meant so much to us,” Ms Bradley said.

“We would like to now see Queensland greyhounds afforded the same protection.

“We’re calling on the Queensland State Government to follow this incredible animal welfare example set by the NSW Premier.”

The last greyhound race in New South Wales will be June 30 next year.

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