Hi Everyone at AWL I just wanted to let you know I am really happy in my new home. I can’t get over how much room I have to run around and my new mum and dad have bought me a new bed and lots of toys. I have been a really good boy and been on my best behaviour. I overheard mum and dad saying they could not get over how good I have been. I love to lie at the back door and watch everything going on inside. The cat was not real happy with my arrival but I am sure that she will love me eventually, she sits and stares at me through the door and if I don’t bark at her she is quite happy to stay there, I probably shouldn’t have run inside and eaten her biscuits when I first arrived at home but I was really hungry and they looked so tempting. Thanks to everyone for raising me to be such a well behaved boy, I will not disappoint you. I know I will be in this home forever. I will keep in touch.
Love Baxter