We adopted bear from the AWLQ in December 2012. He was a scruffy  black dog, and we knew we had to have him the instant we saw him! (Coincidentally, he looks exactly like the black dog in the new pet food ad, where the girl says that she rescued him, but he really rescued her!).

He has adapted to our lifestyle amazingly. We spend a few weeks at a time at our business in Western Queensland and Bear loves to go for walks. He chases goannas and kangaroos, but his real passion is motorbikes!

When we return to the Gold Coast, he loves the water. He sits for hours in our dinghy waiting to go boating, and is the first one ashore. When we first got him, he was frightened to get his feet wet!

After a mouse plague with the drought in the west in early 2014, we decided that we needed a cat. We had previously had a Bengal and when we saw Tigerclown on the AWLQ website we arranged to meet him. He was adorable, and bonded to Bear straight away.
When Bear goes for his morning constitutional, Tigerclown runs with him from tree to tree.

At the end of the day, they both settle down to snooze in front of the TV together. Quite amazing for two animals who were both middle aged when they met!

Thanks to AWLQ for enriching our lives with two wonderful creatures.

Kind regards,

Kaarina Harrison