When a dog arrives at the Animal Welfare League Qld they come with all kinds of personalities, likes and dislikes. Some are energetic and outgoing, some are frightened and missing their families. All react differently which in some cases prolongs their chances of adoption.

Bangle was no exception to this rule.

Bangle originally arrived at the AWLQ in August 2012 as a stray and waited for a new home for months before she was adopted. Fast forward 12 months and she was regrettably surrendered again because her family could no longer care for her.

Our staff had grown very fond of Bangle and sad that she had been returned. They were eager to find her the perfect home with someone that would love her for the rest of her days. She was a beautifully natured Staffy/Sharpei mix and would cling to just about anyone who would pay her attention. However while she sat in her kennel day after day she grew restless and bored and when potential families would walk past she would be noisy and dismissive.

And so she waited on….

While away from the shelter Bangle was a perfectly behaved dog who liked heading down to the beach and relaxing under a tree with volunteers, going to school and community events and being the centre of attention. She liked to ride in the van and meet other dogs and was a perfect example of a shelter pet. Rachel Willis had seen her out and about and arrived to meet her at the AWLQ rehoming centre. She lived in Brisbane and fell in love with Bangle and decided that she would be the perfect playmate for her Staffy Penny. Bangle had finally found her forever home and there were happy tears from everyone who saw the adoption take place.

We love hearing all about the adventures of Bangle and Penny and know that this time Bangle has finally found her forever family.