Hi, We adopted Beau as a companion dog for my husband Mal in April last year. Mal had progressively limited movement due to a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease. He was already confined to an electric wheelchair when we visited the Beenleigh AWLQ. We also had three young children aged two, seven and nine (at that time) so any future animal family member  had big shoes to fill.

We decided to go and just ‘see’ what dogs the AWLQ had, but decided before we went that we would definitely NOT be adopting that day…..But you know what they say, you don’t choose an animal. They choose you.

When we saw Beau, he had been at the centre for quite some months. He didn’t hesitate to jump straight into my husbands lap, wasn’t deterred by his wheelchair in the slightest, and wasn’t daunted by three young kids. In fact he went to the kids as soon as they called him.

Sadly we lost my husband Mal in late August last year, but Beau gave Mal some wonderful memories and unconditional love, cuddles and friendship.
Beau gives us great comfort.

He is well and truly part of our family and even sings with the kids. (See video clip attached) and we couldn’t imagine our home without him.

Kind Regards,


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