Belinda the Foster Cat is celebrating the first anniversary of her adoption, when she officially became a ‘Foster Fail’.

Belinda’s owner Felicity is a wonderful advocate for AWLQ, promoting shelter cat rescue through Belinda’s very own Instagram and Facebook pages, which are constantly updated with hilarious anecdotes and photos of the grumpy-looking Persian (pictured here below).

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According to Felicity, Belinda’s favourite food is Scotch Finger biscuits; a delicacy she discovered on her very first day arriving at her new foster home. She also ‘enjoys’ – or rather, barely tolerates – dressing up in costumes for the delight of her Instagram and Facebook fans.

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When Felicity first took on fostering Belinda, she wasn’t prepared to fall in love. She was doing it purely for the love of helping the sick Persian, who arrived at the shelter in very bad health. The poorly little cat had a matted coat (which needed to be shaved off), was deaf and also suffered from severe asthma, for which she still needs Ventolin. Despite her health problems, Felicity instantly fell for the cantankerous cat, explaining recently how the decision to keep Belinda came about:

“Belinda was our first foster animal and we always said we were doing it to help, that we wouldn’t adopt any fosters as that would change how we could help. We left Belinda at the shelter that day to find her forever home, knowing we had given her a good start – this deaf little stunner was ready.
I however wasn’t. I don’t remember ever crying like I did that day. Hours! All the way home! Then for another hour, until I turned to Simon and said we have to go back.
So we returned for our darling (well unique cranky girl) and I’ve never regretted the decision. Her home was our home. She needed us. And we needed her.”

Felicity proudly calls Belinda her ‘Foster Fail’, which is a term that AWLQ affectionately use for animals that go out to a foster home and never come back because their foster carer falls in love and ends up adopting. In Felicity’s words, if you are ever going to fail in life, a foster fail is a pretty great way to fail. Here at AWLQ, Foster Fails are always welcome!

If you would like to follow Belinda the Foster Cat’s adventures, you can find her on;


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