This (not so) little guy started out very shy and spent most of his first day with us in hiding. That was until he met his new ’sister’ Bella Brown Town the mini daschund. It was love at first sight. Their first encounter (and many since) involved lots of face licking and playful pouncing. Bella is the perfect size to (gently) bop on the head and since she thouroughly enjoys eating leftover cat food, it’s a match made in heaven.

We have named him Boof. He is the most affectionate creature I’ve ever met and Shay at the Gold Coast shelter was right, his smooches are a force to be reckoned with. He regularly smooches his way off things and has smooched my three year old over a few times. He has the biggest paws and claws and is so very gentle with them, even when playing. He loves a snuggle and he purrs so hard he drools, he’s just bursting with love and affection. The whole family has fallen in love with him and he’s settled in perfectly.