Its been about 8 months now since we adopted Buster the Ameican Bulldog.
We had an older Mastiff x German Shepard called Jazz who we felt could do with a friend. I went to the AWL looking for a “Staffy” sized dog. I found a few who I thought would suit so arranged my husband to have a look one day while I was at work. I had seen Buster but didn’t really give him a 2nd look due to his size (near on 50kg).
My husband phoned and said that dogs I chose didn’t really appeal to him, but had I noticed Buster, well you couldn’t not, so I reluctantly agreed to take Jazzy and our 3 year old son to meet this Big Bulldog!

We treked up to Stapylton with Jazz and I thought oh well, will humour the husband, but no way are we going home with this gigantic dog!

Of course he played beautifully with both Jazz and our little boy, and just as I was about to say “We will think about it”, Buster was paid for and in the ute on his way to our place!!

We call him “Big Baby”, he sits on our lap, loves cuddles. He is only 2 years old, and just wants so much love, but gives that love back to us in spades!
He gets such positive reactions when he goes out, with his different coloured eyes. He loves swimming, is less that graceful but very hilarious!

We were so lucky to have this sweet boy come into our family.

Thanks AWL, you do such a fantastic job!!