One of Australia’s peak animal welfare bodies, Animal Welfare League Queensland, is urging NSW Premier Mike Baird to remain true to his convictions in the face of growing pressure from rural members concerned over the political impact of the greyhound racing ban.

“We unequivocally support Premier Baird’s incredible conviction that will spell the end to the cruel ‘sport’ of greyhound racing,” said AWLQ CEO Denise Bradley.

“Only eight countries now allow greyhound racing. One of those countries, the United States, has banned the practice in all but five states.”

Premier Mike Baird was hailed by animal welfare groups, and the wider community, when he announced a greyhound ban would come into force in July next year. The ACT quickly followed suit.

But under mounting political pressure from regional NSW electorates, where greyhound racing has some strong support, local members are pushing for the decision to be overturned.

“The industry in New South Wales has shown itself to be incapable of safeguarding the welfare of these dogs, despite many inquiries and attempts to reform racing practices,” Ms Bradley said.

AWLQ is also concerned that attempts to instead introduce additional controls will be ineffective. These include a total life-cycle management plan, strict breeding caps and zero tolerance of cruelty.

“Regulations up to now have proven completely ineffective in stopping the cruelty,” Ms Bradley said.

“AWLQ has nothing but respect for Premier Baird on this issue.”

“We want him to know that we’re standing with him at this critical point, along with tens of thousands in the community who have expressed their horror at an industry where the average lifespan of a greyhound is less than four years.”

AWLQ has launched its own greyhound adoption program ‘Going Grey – AWLQ’ to help these gentle creatures find homes. For more information head to