Nothing says Christmas better than a well decorated tree. But to a dog or cat tinsel, flashing lights, glass and plastic ornaments scream playtime and adventure.

Your tree’s decorations can be deadly to your four legged friend.

Ten seconds is enough time for your dog to chew through the Christmas light cable, the cat to climb the tree and bring it down, and the puppy to eat your Gran’s favourite, small decoration.

So play it safe…put your Christmas tree in a room that you can close off from your pets and always supervise.

Keep your favourite decorations safely tucked away for when your pets are a little older and less inclined to create Christmas chaos.

And if you think they’ve eaten something potentially lethal, get them to your vet as quickly as possible. For information on AWLQ Community Vet Clinics click here

These tips proudly brought to you by Animal Welfare League Queensland – caring for South East Queensland’s pet community and rehoming surrendered and abandoned animals for 57 years.