Hi I just thought I’d drop you guys a quick note to let you know how BABY(PomeranianXPekingese) is getting along. We adopted Baby who we renamed Bogart ( Bogie seems to come out easier, and he never responded to baby anyway…thankfully).

1 month ago. As you know we fell in love with him immediately after seeing him at Jubilee Primary school that Friday but our little dog that we already had…GINGER…. Well she had other ideas.

As you well know gingey didn’t take to Bogie on their first meeting and Bogie didn’t seem to care. Well we were convinced that Bogart was for us and to give it a go. We took on all your advice and let them meet on common ground and at home let Ginger have first go at everything and to keep her own space. Well it seriously took only 3 days, 3 days Ginger walked around him in the house and ran all over him in the yard but now they are besties….seriously.

They play all the time and if not they look for one another if they have been apart. They don’t even fight over food. My mums dog Lucy comes to visit and we haven’t had any problems there either. Bogart is still so puppy like, bold as anything, scared of nothing and loves to chew.

All the kids love him and nothing phases him….we had a birthday on the weekend and the house was quite full of family and Bogie plopped himself down right in the middle of the kitchen floor…the busiest room in the house so yes he fits in perfectly and everyone who visits even comments on how lovely he is….and I promise Ginger is happy.

So thanks again for your advice, perserverance and care…..Tracy Rodgers and Family:)