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Dear Supporter,

Surrendered, abandoned and homeless animals rely on us at Animal Welfare League Queensland to be there when no one else is. We provide the care that can be the difference between thriving with a loving family through a second chance, and dying, never having had the opportunity to blossom.

As a charity we rely on community support and donations, from people just like you, to be that difference and bring hope and a home to these animals every day. We ask you to please dig deep and donate today to help us save lives!

We receive companion animals of all types, with varying needs. Every one of our animals is individually assessed by our expert veterinary team. All the animals who come to us require a vaccination, food, care, exercise and warm dry shelter until they are adopted. Still others need desexing, microchipping and the priceless time that a zero euthanasia policy for all healthy and sociable animals provides across our five rehoming centres.

On average, it costs us $600 to rehome a shelter animal. Yet the adoption fees of many of the animals we rehome range between $99 and $250 – well below break even. We need your help to continue our good work please DONATE TODAY.

For some shelter animals, the wait can be MONTHS before they find a home. We stand by them all the way, waiting with them, shedding tears when they finally meet their new family and we have to say goodbye.


Some, like Bug, who you are about to read about need so much more – thousands of dollars’ worth of veterinary care, time with our incredible foster carers and assistance from our volunteers to get back on their feet.

It’s only through your invaluable support that we are able to provide this 24 hour care, seven days a week to more than 17,000 animals every year. We can only achieve this record number of lifesaving adoptions with your help.

Your donations, large and small, make all the difference to animals in their greatest time of need, when they are at their most vulnerable and require tender, loving care. You can ensure we achieve lifesaving results every day.

Visit You will be making a lifesaving decision through your generous donation.

On behalf of the many animals you will help to save, thank you!

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